Stefan Bruda is supervising a team of MSc students working in a number of areas and he is interested in expanding his team. We welcome graduate students interested in working on real-time systems from three perspectives: complexity-theoretic, formal methods and testing, and systems.

Note however that the later perspective (systems) is currently on the backburner; no involvment is taking place or expected in the near future.

We welcome qualified students interested on the matter and we shall then discuss the concrete topic of research for the programme. The ideal candidate comes from either Computer Science of Math, has a solid background in discrete math, and is interested in one of the following areas: formal methods, formal languages, automata, complexity theory.

While experience in the above mentioned areas is a plus, candidates should not feel discouraged by lack of such background. Indeed, the Department of Computer Science at Bishop's University offers a good selection of graduate courses on these topics. We are also a friendly team and we support each other. Interest on the matter and hard work have been (and will continue to be) keys to success in our group.