Emacs-pilot Synchronization Suite

Please note that my Treo has gone to Palm Heaven, so I can no longer test this package. I will be miantaining it as much as I can (reacting to your comments) but the package should be considered half-unmaintained. Palm OS is dead anyway…

This is a suite of programs for synchronizing Palm OS devices with the BBDB database and the Emacs diary. It also offers memo manipulation (exporting and importing into mailboxes). The README file provides details on the matter.

Here is the package as a whole: emacs-pilot-1.4.tar.gz. For those needing only parts of it individual files are available as follows:

To use the package you need of course Emacs (but then you already have it otherwise you won't be here) and also the pilot-link package (which does the actual transfer between Emacs and the pilot).

Version 1.4 is the first version that is quite robust and works well in various settings (not just mine); in this respect special thanks go to Jim Kalb, the most active and patient beta tester I have ever had. This being said, some bugs are known to exist (see the end of the README file) and some are not known, bug reports are most appreciated.